Section 8

Housing Choice Voucher Program

Lori Grisham, Section 8 Manager

The Housing Choice Voucher Program is government-subsidized rental housing. The program is designed to enable very

low income household (individuals and families) access to affordable private housing when eligibility qualifications are

met. Interested persons must contact a local coordinator for information and an application or you may download an 

application from the link below.  Applicants are placed on a waiting list and notified as soon as assistance is available.

A "voucher" is then issued to the applicant. Once the voucher-holder finds suitable housing and a landlord agrees to

accept the individual/family in that unit as long as income qualifications and voucher guidelines are met. In

order to have a house eligible for our program, landlords must make sure that their house meets the following

hqs standards.

Click on the Download Application button and choose the county you are interested in applying for:

Housing Choice Voucher Application

White River Regional Housing Authority also manages some special programs related to the Housing Choice Voucher Program. For information on the Homeless Voucher Program, SRO Program, Family Self-Sufficiency, Home TBRA Program and Mainstream Housing Program.