Special Programs


The White River Regional Housing Authority (WRRHA) manages some special programs related to the Housing Choice Voucher Program. These Programs are outlined below.


Homeless Voucher Program
This program is designed for currently homeless individuals and families in Independence and White Counties. There is a very limited amount of assistance that WRRHA has available, so while families are eligible, preference is given to disabled individuals. If you would like further information on this program, please call Dr. B. Michael Higginbottom at (870) 368-5200.

SRO Program
The Single Room Occupancy or SRO program managed by WRRHA is for homeless or mentally ill individuals who are not participating in the multifamily programs. There are two locations providing housing for the SRO Program that WRRHA manages. They are:

(1) Independence Inn, 1355 E Main, Batesville, AR 72501

For more information about this program call Dr. B. Michael Higginbottom at (870) 283-3232.

Family Self-Sufficiency Program

The Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program is an initiative under the Homeownership and Opportunity for People Everywhere (HOPE) program begun in 1990. The FSS program is a voluntary program for Housing Choice Voucher participants. The Program requires that the head of household enter a five-year contract with the housing authority during which time the family will receive supportive services such as education and job training so they can get off the welfare roll and become full-time employee. While on the program, the housing authority establishes an escrow account for the family. When an FSS family pays a higher rent due to having a higher income, the difference between the old rent and the new rent is credited to the family's escrow account. When the head of household meets all requirements and gets off all government assistance, the balance in the escrow account is given to them. For further information on this program, please contact Lori Grisham at (870) 368-5200.

 The Home TBRA Program

The HOME TBRA program is an extension of the WRRHA Section 8 program and is operated under the same essential rules.  As a housing assistance project, the rental assistance program serves only persons who are very low income.  Existing housing stock from the private market is utilized for housing eligible clients.  All housing stock is required to meet Section 8 Housing Quality Standards and all clients and units are recertified annually as a means of quality assurance.  The HOME TBRA Program is available in the following cities and counties:  Ash Flat, Swifton, Tuckerman, McCrory, Sharp County, Independence County, Izard County, White County, and Woodruff County. 

For Ash Flat, Independence and Sharp County contact Mike Higginbottom at (870) 283-3232;  Swifton and Tuckerman contact Mon, Wed, or Fri. at (870) 485-2456;  Izard County contact Lori Grisham at (870) 368-5200; White County contact Estelene Sebourn at (501)742-3827;  Woodruff County contact Deniece Tidwell at (870) 291-1671.