All Rooms:

No peeling paint on the inside or outside of the unit.
No peeling paint below the height of 5' on the outside of the unit.
No holes or cracks, (of any size) that allow drafts, severe buckling ,or deterioration in walls, ceilings, or floors.
No broken windows.
All windows must have locks if they are below 6' from the ground, or can in some way be reached from the outside of the unit.
All electrical outlets must have face plates.
No broken, frayed, or exposed wiring.
No roaches or mice.
Space heaters must be vented.
Living Room/Bedrooms (Must Have) :
At least one (1) window.
At least one (1) light, and one (1) electrical outlet, or two (2) electrical outlets.
Kitchen (Must Have) :
At least one (1) permanent light fixture, one (1) electrical outlet, and enough room and space to prepare food.
Working stove top and oven (all burners working and all knobs present).
Working refrigerator.
Sink with hot and cold running water (separate from the bathroom sink).
Bathroom (Must Have) :
Window that opens, or a working exhaust vent.
One (1) permanent light fixture.
A working, flushable toilet.
Tub or shower with hot and cold running water.
Sink with hot and cold running water (separate from the kitchen sink).
Must have roof and foundation that does not leak.
Must have handrails if the porch is over 30" high, or has four (4) or more steps to enter the unit.
Must have approvable water and sewer services.
Must have plumbing that does not leak.
Must have hot water heater with downward pipe on the pressure relief value, at least 3" to 6" from the floor. Also, water heater must be enclosed if it is located in a living area of the unit.
Must have at least two (2) exits from the unit in case of fire, and a private entrance.
Range/refrigerator may be owner or tenant furnished.
All units must have a smoke alarm.
Mobile homes must be secured, tied down to the ground.