Section 8

I am without a place to live. Can I get assistance immediately?
Generally, there is a waiting period for assistance. The waiting time is different in different counties. Contact the Housing Coordinator in your area for more information.

 Contact A Local Coordinator.

I am living in a HUD approved unit. Can I get help now?
There is no such thing as a HUD approved unit prior to application. You must first apply, go through verification of eligibility process, and then be issued a Voucher. Once you are issued a Voucher, you may request an inspection of your unit to determine if the unit meets the Housing Quality Standard.

Do I have to move into a government apartment complex to receive assistance?
No. The Housing Choice Voucher Program allows for a family to receive assistance in a privately owned unit of their choice provided certain conditions are met. Some of these conditions are: the unit must pass a Housing Quality Standard inspection, the owner must agree to participate, the size of the unit, and the amount of rent charged meets the Voucher guidelines. An acceptable unit can be a single family home, apartment, or mobile home.

How much assistance can I expect to receive?
There are many factors that determine how much assistance you will receive. Some of which are: your income, number of persons in your family, amount of your rent, and what utilities do you pay. Basically, the assistance is based upon you paying 30% of your monthly income toward rent with the balance being paid by the Housing Authority.

I may need to re-locate to another area soon. Will I lose my rental assistance? Recipients are required to sign a one year lease. After the initial year, you may use your Voucher to move to another area by following proper guidelines.


I am a senior citizen and would like to live in an apartment complex reserved for seniors. Is there a senior apartment complex in my area?
To find out, go to apartments and click on the county where you live.

I have a pet. Can I move into an apartment and keep my pet?
In most situations, you can. Pets are allowed in apartment complexes that are built exclusively for the elderly and in Low Income Public Housing units. In both cases, a pet deposit is required. However, some properties do not allow pets. To find out, check with the manager of the property you are interested in.

I have children and need two or more bedrooms. Are your apartments for senior citizens only?
No. Many of our apartments are for families with children. A number of our apartments have two and three bedroom units. Richwood Apartments in Ash Flat has a four bedroom unit. Our Low Income units in Swifton and Mountain View are three bedroom single family homes on scattered sites.

How much rent will I have to pay?
The amount of rent you pay is based upon a number of factors. A few of those factors are the amount of your income and the number of persons in your family. Generally, you can expect to pay 30% of your monthly adjusted incomes less an allowance for utilities.

Will I be required to pay a security deposit?
Yes. The amount of the deposit is generally one month's rent and will be required to be paid prior to move in. The deposit can be a different amount depending on the apartment complex you choose.